When you buy a new or new-to-you truck, you want it to stay as pristine for as long as possible – but you and your truck work hard. To prevent nicks, bumps, and scratches, we at Watrous Mainline recommend our XPEL Premium Paint Protection Film. Done in-house, we can apply it and you’ll be on your merry way in no time. Give us a call at 306-946-2209 to speak with one of our body shop techs today!

First, let’s talk about how the application process is, and what exactly a paint protection film does. These clear or colored polyurethane films can be applied to any area of your truck that’s vulnerable to the elements – we even have tailgate kits to protect your bumper. The process is highly individualized because each strip is hand-drawn and measured to you truck’s exact specifications – this same individuality actually produces less waste, as well, so it’s a win-win situation! XPEL Premium Paint Protection is best applied as early as possible to prevent any chips or dings from flying stone or anything else that can damage your paint job. Safely bonding to the painted surfaces of your truck, they offer up to ten years of guaranteed protection*.

You may have heard about issues with other films on the market, but you won’t hear about those problems with XPEL Premium Paint Protection Film. The advanced method of film creation used in XPEL means that you won’t experience any peeling, cracking, yellowing, or blistering that have become common issues with other protective films on the market. It also protects your truck against the perils of unpaved roads and jobsites. It’s also 100 percent removable, so if you don’t want it anymore, you can take it off without any damage to your factory paint. Visit us any time to speak about getting your own paint protection film and we can also recommend some of our other amazing services, such as the Roughguard Spray Boxliner! You can secure a time that works best for you and your schedule right here on our website using our Schedule an Appointment form. We’re conveniently open Monday through Friday and are well-versed in Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and many other manufacturers, as well!

Our XPEL Premium Paint Protection Film near Regina, SK, is just one of the many services we provide to increase the longevity of your pickup truck. To chat with us one-on-one, swing by our location at 208 1st Avenue East, Box 70, in Watrous, SK! Our top-notch customer service will make every visit enjoyable.