Stay Up-To-Date on Safety!


One of the most enticing aspects of frequently updating your vehicle are all of the innovations made to the world of safety. Systems such as Front Pedestrian Braking1 top the list of must-have features, especially if you’re a city dweller and constantly sharing the road with not only other vehicles, but people, as well. You can find plenty of vehicles equipped with this technology at Watrous Mainline, so come on in and take a look for yourself!

Front Pedestrian Braking is what this feature is called on GM vehicles, and it’s there to add an extra set of eyes to the unpredictable road ahead of you. Using visual warnings, as well as seat vibration, the vehicle will alert you to a pedestrian obstruction ahead. If you don’t apply the brakes swiftly enough, the system will take over and apply the brakes for you to reduce the severity and mitigate the collision all together. It’s also perfect for situations that occur quickly, where there’s no time to slam on the brakes. Having advanced systems like this adds peace of mind to every drive, and can be acquired on a number of models on our new and pre-owned lot! Standouts include our GMC line of vehicles. By equipping the Acadia, for instance, with the Driver Alert Package I on the SLE-2 or SLT-1 trim levels, you can traverse slim city streets without fear of jaywalkers.

The engineers at GM are never standing still, either, and that’s why you’ll see that the Pedestrian Detection system on GM vehicles is being tinkered with even now. In development is a wireless Pedestrian Detection technology that will more accurately identify bicyclists and pedestrians even on congested streets or in adverse weather conditions. The goal is to create a system that can recognize potential obstacles and warn drivers to their presence before the mind even processes them. While this system isn’t available yet, we have a great option so that you can have it right away when it does come out: leasing. You can lease just about any new vehicle on our lot and, since the terms of leases are typically shorter than financing, you’ll be ready to upgrade your vehicle when new safety innovations hit the market!

Experience the peace of mind and confidence that comes with this innovative safety feature by learning more about Pedestrian Detection near Saskatoon, SK, today! At Watrous Mainline, we’re here to assist in any way we can, so pay us a visit at 208 1st Avenue East, Box 70, in Watrous, SK, or dial us up at 866-839-9889! We hope to hear from you soon!