Oil changes are required to properly maintain your vehicle, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a dragged-out all-day affair. Come to Watrous Mainline for an express lube service that will have you pounding the pavement again in no time! We’re conveniently located at 208 1st Avenue East, Box 70, in Watrous, SK, so swing by any time!

When was the last time you swapped out your oil? Look up and to the left and check that little sticker on the inside of your windshield. Compare that number to the one on your odometer. Have you gone a little over? Not a problem! Drive right on up to our service bay and we’ll take you in. Our express lube service doesn’t compromise quality for quickness – we’re simply efficient with our time! We’ll drain out all of the old oil left and replace it with some new amber-colored liquid that will keep your vehicle running at peak condition. Next, our technicians will change the oil filter, do a multi-point inspection, and run your vehicle through the wash before returning it to you, spic and span.

There are a number of reasons you should punctually take advantage of our express lube service. Oil is the lubricant that allows all of the metal parts in your engine to work cohesively, sans grinding or rubbing. That isn’t the end of what oil does, though, since it’s actually a compound, not a single chemical. Oil is cocktail of heat protectants, detergents, and minerals that all benefit your engine in some capacity. For instance, detergents help the oil to sweep away build-up on your engine and pull it through the filter. If left unchecked, these by-products of powerhouse function can clog up your engine. Over time, the beneficial aspects of oil degrade, though, and the viscous fluid becomes thick and sludgy, which does nothing good for your vehicle. You’ll likely notice a decrease in fuel efficiency, as well as a reduction in performance capabilities, neither of which are ideal. We try to make it as easy as possible to stay on top of your oil change needs, too, providing easy access to our Schedule Appointment form right here on our website, but we don’t require it! You can swing by any time you’re available. We also post plenty of great specials and coupons, so don’t forget to look those over, too.

At Watrous Mainline, you’ll love our dedication to customer service, as well as our quality express lube service near Regina, SK. If you have questions, fill out our Ask a Tech form or dial us up at 866-839-9889 today. We’re open Monday through Saturday and we hope to see you soon!