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Chevrolet City Express Cargo Brakes at Watrous Mainline Motor Products ltd near Drake, SK S0K 1H0

Brakes are one of the vital components of a vehicle. Having your brakes in top shape can prevent an accident and even potentially save your life and that of others. At Watrous Mainline Motor Products ltd, we have your best interest at hand with parts and services that cover Chevrolet City Express Cargo brakes Watrous Mainline Motor Products ltd near Drake, SK S0K 1H0.

Maintaining your brakes does not merely imply keeping your brake fluid in check, and it goes beyond replacing the brake pads. It comprises components such as the calipers, rotors, and hoses and lines, as these can decay with time. Remaining attentive to how your brakes are responding, as well as unusual noises from your vehicle when braking can also help you detect when there is an underlying issue. Such factors can go from having a very loose or very rigid brake pedal, a brake warning light that stays on continuously, or squeaky or squealy wheels when applying the brakes.

Don’t wait till you hear the sound of metal grinding against metal. It is recommended that you perform a brake inspection at least once a year. It is also a good idea to inspect your brakes prior to making a long road trip, as a preventative measure. You always want to take action before your brake pads wear down, otherwise you’ll end up having to replace more than just that part and, thus, a more costly repair. If it’s time for your vehicle’s inspection, schedule an appointment with our Service Department for Chevrolet City Express Cargo brakes Watrous Mainline Motor Products ltd near Drake, SK S0K 1H0. And if the case should warrant some replacements, our Parts Department will promptly supply us with the necessary pieces. When it comes to your safety, investing in good brakes and timely brake services will provide you with peace of mind, and with the confidence to drive to any destination, be it your daily commute or travelling to a neighboring state.

There are also things you can do to lessen the amount of punishment that your brakes receive in order to extend their useful life-span. For example, one of the most common causes of brake wear and tear is speeding. By using the brakes to decelerate from a high speed to a sudden halt, you are essentially overusing them and also potentially endangering people behind you. Instead, by keeping the appropriate speed and distance from the vehicle in front of you, as well as anticipating your stops or predicting situations ahead in order to brake progressively rather than abruptly, you’ll not only be saving your pads, but also driving safer.

Be mindful of your braking habits and we at Drake, SK will do the rest, with our Chevrolet City Express Cargo brakes Watrous Mainline Motor Products ltd near Drake, SK S0K 1H0. Schedule your appointment today!

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Service Manager Lee  Eltom
Lee Eltom
Service Manager
Lee started working at Watrous Mainline GM in 1991. She has always been in the Service Department, starting out as the Warranty Clerk. In 2013, Lee became our Service Manager. In her free time, Lee enjoys taking care of her family and working in her yard- even weeding!
  • Phone : 306-946-3336
  • Fax : 306-946-2229


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Service Advisor Brad Baker
Brad Baker
Service Advisor
Brad adds a positive energy to our team, and has since 2017! He has been in the service industry since 1992 with experience managing for 7 years at two previous dealerships. He spends his down time with his family, golfing in the summer, boating and fishing. Fun fact: Brad is from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia!
  • Phone : 306-946-3336
  • Fax : 306-946-2229


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Service Advisor Tammy Hallborg
Tammy Hallborg
Service Advisor
Tammy is a proud wife and mother of two young adults! Like many other staff members, Tammy loves to camp, fish & boat in her spare time. Tammy has been an extremely helpful hand at our dealership since 2017!
  • Phone : 306-946-3336
  • Fax : 306-946-2229


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Service Admin/Cashier/Warranty Denise  Abrey
Denise Abrey
Service Admin/Cashier/Warranty
Denise is a dedicated Mainline member, starting at Mainline in 2010. When she is off of work, she can be found spending time with her children and grandchildren. In addition to family time, Denise enjoys sitting out in the sun either on a warm beach or at her campsite!
  • Phone : 306-946-3336
  • Fax : 306-946-2229


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Tower Operator Dale  Wilson
Dale Wilson
Tower Operator
Dale was born and raised in Watrous. He started his career at Watrous Mainline Motors in 1998 before he moved to his position as ‘Tower Operator’ fifteen years ago! Dale loves to spend his extra time under the sun golfing.


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Shop Foreman Darren  Tarasoff
Darren Tarasoff
Shop Foreman
Darren, or ‘Mully’ began in the wash rack in 1981, moving though the lube rack then to mechanic. In 2001, he became the Shop Foreman. Darren has a vast knowledge of vehicles! In 2010, Darren competed in a national skills competition and earned the title of ‘Grand Master Gold!’- a proud accomplishment of his! Darren enjoys spending time at his cabin at Long Lake in the summer and snowmobiling in the winter months. Darren has been, and will continue to be a great asset to the Technician Team!


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Service Technician Glen  Miller
Glen Miller
Service Technician
Glen is a proud father and husband. He started at Watrous Mainline Motors in 1984 after he made the move to Watrous, SK from Canora, SK. He loves his job and the challenges it presents! His hobbies include fishing, camping, and Judo! In addition to a technician, Glen has been a Judo instructor for 20 years. He has obtained his Nidan Black Belt (second Dan) and is considering working towards his Sandan (third Dan).
Service Technician John   Reiger
John Reiger
Service Technician
John has been a dedicated employee since 1990. He is a very proud father to his son who graduated university and is now married; and to his daughter who is continuing her university career. “I have more experience then most of the guys in this shop!”
Service Technician Joel Bailey
Joel Bailey
Service Technician
Joel is originally from Semans, SK. He worked at Yorkton Dodge for 10 years before moving with his wife closer to home! Joel has been employed at Mainline since 2018. He loves to spend his spare time with his newborn daughter. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, and farming!
Service Technician Gage  Brown
Gage Brown
Service Technician
Gage has been working in service at Mainline since 2014. In addition to the title of 'Certified Service Technician,' he honours the title of ‘husband’ to his wife and ‘father’ to three young boys. Gage enjoys hunting in his spare time!
Service Technician Curtis  Dunham
Curtis Dunham
Service Technician
Curtis has been at mainline since 2013. When Curtis is not working, he is most likely spending time with his friends and family either boating at the lake, playing hockey, skiing, golfing, or travelling! Fun Fact: Curtis’ favourite hockey team is the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Service Technician Grayden  Turner
Grayden Turner
Service Technician
Grayden grew up in Saskatoon, SK playing hockey all of his life. When he was a teen Grayden played on various junior hockey teams and finished with the Battleford North Stars. Grayden then began his Mainline career in 2013. He spends most of his downtime cooking, playing hockey, or traveling with his beautiful wife Jill Turner! Fun Fact: Grayden’s favourite hockey team is the Colorado Avalanche
Service Technician Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson
Service Technician
When Matt is not working at Mainline, he is working at his shop! His passion for repairing vehicles keeps him very busy. In addition to turning bolts, Matt is a welder and a proud new father to one daughter!
Service Technician Reginald Thomas
Reginald Thomas
Service Technician
Reg has been employed at Watrous Mainline since 2015. He has two children and loves to spend his time go-karting, fishing, golfing & camping when he isn’t working away in the back shop! Before Reg moved into his current position, he gained experience as a Service Adviser and Oil-Change Technician!
Accessory Technician Albert  Fowell
Albert Fowell
Accessory Technician
Meet our dealerships main accessories technician, Albert! Albert’s favorite hobby is working with anything automotive, especially motorcycles when he is not working. Albert is a proud father to one teenage daughter and has been a loyal employee to Mainline since 2010!
Oil Change Technician Conor Squair
Conor Squair
Oil Change Technician
Conor has been a part of the Watrous Mainline crew since April 2018! He is originally from Regina, SK and is currently our Oil Change Technician. He wants to gain experience and attend school to accomplish his goal of becoming a Certified Service Technician. When Conor is not in the shop, he loves to spend time playing the position of goalie on his hockey team!